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Death in a French Garden

101 Phút

Quốc gia: Pháp

Đạo diễn: Michel Deville

Diễn viên: Anaïs JeanneretAnémoneChristophe MalavoyMichel Piccoli

Thể loại: Bí ẩn, Chính kịch, Hình Sự

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Vietsub #1
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The wealthy Tombsthays hire a guitar tutor, David Aurphet, for their daughter Vivian. The wife, Julia, begins a passionate affair with David. Edwige, Julia's new neighbour, also takes an interest in David. David is attacked one night on returning home but saved by a mysterious stranger Daniel who reveals himself to be a hired killer. David begins to suspect that his affair is no longer secret.

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